Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Good Day (w/ good food)!

Well, since I have about 8 minutes until class (Philosophy...hate it with a passion) starts, I might as well begin a new post.

Today, I've been pretty good with my points...only used 7 so far. Other than strong will power, it's because I intentionally left all money in my room with no intentions of going back until after class is over at 4:45. I did bring a nature valley oats n honey bar and a 70 cal pack with peanuts and fruit snacks so I won't be too hungry before I get back to my room.

I am so excited about these Michelina meals that I found in Wal-Mart. Most of them are between 4 and 7 points. But Chicken Alfredo? That's under 12 points? Enter Hallelujah chorus =).

Class is about to start, so I'll post more later!

Okay, I'm back.

I'm really proud of myself. I stuck to what I planned on eating for my mid-afternoon meal: 3 slices of smoke turkey (1), 2 slices Nature's Own Whole Wheat bread (2), 1/2 cup raw spinach (0), 1/8 cup WW shredded cheese (1.5), and 10 ritz chips (2). Then I had a WW cookie dough sundae (i love those).

I guess this blog has a positive mental impact on me =)

Something I've become interested in lately is eating whole foods. You know, getting away from processed foods. Being in college kind of limits what you can cook...unless you have an apartment (can't have one of those til I get into grad school though...2 years away). Anyhoo, I would love to start eating more whole, natural foods. *Anyone have suggestions?

Well, I'm still not back on my exercise routine yet. I've been extremely tired lately, probably because of TOM. But I've been taking my vitamins and making sure I walk to class instead of taking the shuttle. I really can't make excuses; it's beautiful and green outside, the sun is out until 7:30, and we have a great gym. I know I usually stick to my routine when I exercise in the morning or before my last class.

This summer I have an internship working as an assistant in a research program in the Mobile/Prichard area of Alabama, and I'll be staying on the University of Mobile's campus. I guess I should check out their gym because I intend to stay on track (changing my lifestyle...not dieting) during the summer. Last summer, I went home and lost my mind! I ate everything without tracking, or even considering the points values.

Shame, shame.

But I'm past that now. I have a new mindset, I have goals, I have motivation and reason. My favorite reason is my baby cousin Devin. He is so precious, and I want him to have a healthy role model in me. I was reading about child obesity, and it is becoming epidemic. Not only big kids, but toddlers are obese! Whoa! Something has to be done. Devin is already a little tubby, so we're going to have to teach him good eating habits!

This will probably be it for tonight. I plan on eating one of those lean Michelina's (u can click the title of this post for the link to their website) I was talking about earlier for dinner and an orange (yum!) for dessert. I already feel better than I did yesterday after my eating rampage!

Can't wait til I reach my 10% goal. I'll post before & after photos to show my progress.



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  1. aw he's so cute and I think its great you want to help cure childhood obesity! I hate eating rampages they always make me feel soooo crappy.