Thursday, April 23, 2009

slightly interested?

Do you ever have those days where you're slightly interested in everything. you have like a million (okay, not a million, but at least 4) tabs open on your internet browser, because you're only half-way interested in what's on every tab.
Well today is that day for me.
I was only half-interested in:
  • my lunch of chick-fil-a chicknstrips
  • my facebook
  • even now in my philosophy class (which i'm usually never interested in) with this discussion on robotics and the mind

Maybe that has something to do with the fast-pacedness of society nowadays. Everything is so fast, so easily-accessed, how could we possibly concentrate on any one thing all the time?

Okay, I'm noticing that nothing I am talking about has to do with weight loss or the journey, but today, I'm on a totally different tangent. I've been notably nostalgic for the 90s lately (such a great time in social history for kids and teens). I loved just about everything about the 90s especially music and television. Now a lot, not all, but still a lot is crap.

I, the budding sociologist that I am, did a little experiment on myself that I want to try with my friends one day. I made an "ol skool" playlist where all the music was pre-2000 and a NOW playlist with music from 2000 til now. I wanted to see how many times I listened to the different songs from each playlist. The songs on the ol skool playlist had way higher play count numbers (quantitative), and I definitely jammed harder to the ol skool music (qualitative). And I've even started paying attention to people who grew up during the 90s and those who were born during the late 90s but grew up in the 00's. There is a major difference, but I can't quite figure it out. So I plan on conducting my own minor study of generational differences (specifically 80s, 90s, 00s) from a sociological aspect. Wow, I guess college does have an effect on you. I never wanted to do REAL research outside of research papers in high school. But I guess that's a good thing. I have drive...woot woot!

Hopefully, that drive will help me with my weight loss.

Be back later. Got a Sociology Club meeting to attend.

Okay, now I'm focused again. I came in HUNGRY after my meeting. But, triumphantly, I went to the fridge and got (are you ready?) an orange! I never do that!!! When I think snack, I usually grab something sweet...well, the orange was sweet, but I mean like a 100 cal snack pack or a weight watchers ice cream. I was so proud of myself.

And I got on the scale this morning. It's not my weigh-in day, but that's okay. On Monday (my actual weigh-in day), the scale showed I had gained 1.2 lbs in addition to the 2 lbs I gained the week before. Well, this morning the scale showed I have lost everything I gained back. Yay! And I still have a few days left of this week, so maybe the scale will show a big loss next Monday. I'll just have to be really disciplined this weekend since I'll be studying for finals. FINALS...eew!

Well, that's all for today. Time to shower and ponder over what topic I will choose for my Economic Social Problems paper. 'Night!

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