Monday, April 20, 2009

Out of Control

This past weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend at my university, and my family came up to visit. Food was EVERYWHERE! Needless to say, I went way over my points - especially since my dad was paying for everything. I am proud that I did not eat the entire portion of boneless buffalo wings at Chili's on Saturday, I ate half that night and the rest on Sunday.

I told myself yesterday that Monday was a new day and that I would meet my daily points goal EXACTLY (no more, no less). Well, I did just fine earlier...1/2 special K (1.5 pts), 1/3 cup 1% milk (.5), lean Michelina's for lunch (5), Weight Watcher's Ice Cream Bar (3 pts of delicious). Then I took a nap. I don't know what happened in the hour and a half I was sleeping, but when I woke up, I was ravenous. I ate anything I could find.

Then I felt guilty. I'm Catholic, so guilt is a very big part of my life ;).

So then I got on the Weight Watchers website and tracked every single point I ate. I went over my daily points by 15.5. Horrible, yes! But I feel good about tracking.

For three months, I followed the plan by the book. I exercised six days out of the week for at least thirty minutes/day; I ate only my daily points, no weekly; I even used the technique of putting down my fork when I was no longer hungry. And to show for it, I lost twenty pounds! Sadly, I've gained back 3.5, but now I am more determined to make it to -30 lbs. That means I have surpassed my 10% goal and that I get to do a photo shoot showcasing my weight loss.

I am a Sociology major here at MS State. People and they way they interact with each other has always been interesting to me, so lucky me that I found Sociology when I was practically failing at my previous major (Bio Sciences...ugh!). I knew that I wanted to do Epidemiology and that Biology would be a great major to get me into a School of Public Health, but hard core science and kiara do not mix well. So then I saw where schools of public health accept sociology majors...yay! I changed my major and have not had one single regret...I love it...everything about it. Sociology has helped me realize that I don't want to be an Epidemiologist either, but a Public Health Educator (well, sociology along with Weight Watchers) and Behavioral Specialist. People are so misinformed about health. I want to be able to go into communities and give people accurate information face-to-face. I've also become interested in public policy because, here in Mississippi, child obesity is ridiculous, and a lot of it comes from the children being sedentary. Thanks to not-too-great parks, dangerous neighborhoods, and raggedy sidewalks. So, I think I've found my calling.

That's another reason I am so determined to lose this weight that has limited me for so long. Besides just being healthy and being able to fit into a regular size, I want to inform people and change their way of thinking. Why would someone listen to me talk about health if I don't look anywhere near healthy?

So yay! for motivation.

Well, I need to hit the shower, do some studying (crunch time...finals...ugh), plan my eating for tomorrow, watch Golden Girls, and hit the sheets!


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